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This month I'm speaking as part of two webinar events, and hope you'll join me!

March 8 at 9 am // HC3 Innovation Webinar 15: Data Visualization

HC3's Innovations webinar will focus on data visualization design within the global health space. The panelists have a nice mix of private sector product experience (Qlik) and program implementation (Jhpiego, Palladium, and JSI). I'll be sharing my top suggestions for how to learn and grow your data visualization design skills, how to effectively collaborate on data viz projects, and how to build your own community of visualization enthusiasts within your organization. All of my recommendations are rooted in what I've learned in my own journey over the last four years working in this capacity at a large global organization, where the opportunities to create change are vast and exciting, but real movement can be slow to happen.

Even if you cannot join the day of, feel free to register to receive the link to the recording after it's complete.

March 30 at 2 pm // Designing Visualizations with Empathy

I"ll be sharing insights and recommendations on creative approaches to understanding your data viz audience in a quick 20 minute "coffee break" webinar hosted by the American Evaluation Association. This session will expand on some of the ideas in my Evaluation 2016 panel talk on Visualizations with Empathy, sharing how you can use tools like persona development and journey mapping to better understand the needs of the audience who you want to use the data you're spending all that time visualizing.

Note that you have to be an AEA member for this one, but it's a low membership fee for a lot of great benefits and an organization worth joining!

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