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Data Visualization for Development

A Community of data viz enthusiasts making the world a better place

In 2014, working with two collaborators, I helped to launch the Data Visualization for Development community of practice. Simple in design (a listserv and an infrequently-updated website), our aim was to connect colleagues looking for best practices in data visualization design among our development and health partners.

While our field has certainly advanced in how we visualize and share data, there's still an overwhelming number of mediocre reports, powerpoints, and dashboards out there: I see them on a regular basis when colleagues come asking for assistance.

Information design isn't commonly taught in Bachelors and Masters programs in public health and development, but it should be. Turning out skilled monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning (MERL) professionals without giving them the requisite skills to make sure their learning reaches the right audience and gets used is borderline criminal.

If you're looking to connect with colleagues on data visualization best practices, join the Data Visualization for Development community. We have more than 600 members from over 50 countries, and won't flood your inbox, though when conversations start they're robust and thoughtful. We'd love to have you add your voice to the conversation and share some of your favorite data viz tools, tips, and tricks!

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