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Advice for Creating Meaningful Infographics

Reboot has a great post today focused on how we create more meaningful infogoraphics.

Infographics aren't just about piling text and icons together and sharing the image on social media or in a report. Infographics should take advantage of the way we process visuals in order to tell a story - we process visuals more quickly than text descriptions.

The post reminds us of the importance of centering on WHO the infographic is for and what they want to / need to know and their level of understanding of the issue you're sharing about. Then, they focus on choosing deliberate and purposeful images that help to tell a story.

The Reboot team worked on visuals for the World Bank's World Development Report (used for the examples in the post). It's always fun and insightful to see "under the hood" on the process different teams use to develop visual content.

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